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Controlling a lamp from your iPhone with HomeKit

Shared by Samantha on Dec 29, 2020

Controlling a lamp from your iPhone with HomeKit

Last month, I purchased this lamp from MacZoom website, the specialist of HomeKit compatible solutions.

I only received it today because of Covid19: shipping is a slow process from China but I'm happy of my experience. 

I opened the package and find a plug compatible with US format. Sweet.

I turned on my lamp. There is a nice sensitive zone to setup the intensity of the light. Very nice quality feeling.
Then, I opened Apple Home application and clicked on Add Device. An interface is asking to scan a barcode.

I found it under the lamp and magically, the lamp connected to my iPhone. HomeKit technology made by Apple is really powerful, well made.
From Home application, I can change the colors of the lamp and setup some options like turning off the lamp when I'm living my home or turning it on when I arrive. Even more sweet.

So far, I'm impress by the quality of this lamp made by Xiaomi. I will download the native app on my iPhone 12 to see if there are more options

Highly recommended. 

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